Pray to the Sleep Goddess

While waiting 10hrs for my flight from Nairobi to Kigali, thought this would be the perfect time for me to write my first post. I thank the delay to these serious shoppers – grrrr.


Its only taken me 33 yrs to find out that I seem to only work under pressure. As I got cleaning and packed in two all nighters – not done those since my clubbing days. I planned to sleep on the bus down to London but with a cute screaming kid kicking the seat and passive parents it was impossible.

This is where the stupidness kicks in, I sat for a few hours in Victoria station and then asked for assistance which I got a reply “you are in the train station” me “…right I know”. “You are booked on a bus” doh so ran into the heavy downpour (London what happened to the weather?) to the next building.

One of my besties decided to very kindly book me into a hotel at her expense tut tut. I felt awful because initially I wanted to experience staying over in an airport and save the cash but I was so thankful. After midnight I jumped on a shuttle bus to the Holiday Inn. Pulled out the email reservation at reception to be told “you are in the wrong hotel miss, you are in the Premier Inn which is back where the airport is” doh.

It was so lovely to meet my first dorm friends that spoke English. 3 girls and 1 guy from Canada, Norway and Australia. we hit it off straight away and it was so lovely they wished I was staying but got up for 8am pick up to cross from Rwanda to Uganda and join my group.


Everyone is very nice and 5 of us went to visit an orphanage called Potters Village. We got to interact with the beautiful babies from 3-9 months and donated money. The people working there are amazing and such hard workers. Something I learned today is that in South Africa and in Germany they have “baby bins” so that any mother who didn’t want their baby then they put the baby in this box and with no questions asked at all. Then an organisation collects the baby to find a new home for them. Unfortunately in Uganda they don’t have this and the babies get found in sewers or waste areas, so sad to hear when you have know so many families who can’t have babies would take one in a heartbeat.  Look how adorable is Renette 2 months old, mother passed away sadly.


Tomorrow to see the gorillas but I seem to have developed a bad cough all of a sudden so taking cold n flu tablets and pray I don’t miss this amazing opportunity.  Check out our Overland monster truck.



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