About moi


Hola, bonjour

Family and friends has confidence in myself to create a captivating blog about my round the world trip for a year – aww bless them.  Well here goes….

For those who don’t know me, my name is Kim and over 30.  My dream like most folk is to travel and see the world and feed my adrenaline junkie feelings.  I didn’t think it was possible until I came across One Step 4 Ward and Nomadic Matt, they opened my mind and a friend pushed me to look at my finances.  Wow next thing I knew the first year I cleared £8k debt and booked my round the world ticket, second year I worked hard at my day job, extra odd jobs like hostessing, PR, babysitting, database entries and flyering. I have a lot of very generous friends as well.

My journey starts on 21 Apr to Africa, South East Asia, New Zealand and Latin America.

Let’s hope I haven’t chewed more ‘randoms’ than I think I can!!

Hope you enjoy the show



3 thoughts on “About moi

  1. I know it’s a huge step to take Kim but I also know how huge your dream of doing it was, so congratulations on taking that leap of faith. You’re such an inspiration, and I’m sure if you leave a bit of ‘Kimmism’ behind in every place you reach, that place will be a better place for it.
    Safe travelling, and looking forward to hear about your journey :o)
    Love from Jools x

  2. Good luck on your travels Kimmy!! so excited for you and so jealous at all the amazing things and places your going to see! look after yourself babe xxx

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